Quoting, Booking & Tracking

Cirrus TMS takes the hassle out of the entire freight process. Not only can your customers manage their own quoting, booking and tracking needs, but Cirrus comes loaded with features that assist users with more advanced functionality.

The whole process is faster and more efficient when you can electronically send data between carriers and customers. Automate your operations and put an end to manual data entry.

Cirrus Horizontal Rule
  • Look up and compare your contracted carriers and make your selection based on rate, service, equipment or route
  • Edit pickup date and time and manually add accessorial requirements
  • Electronically tender loads with chosen carriers across any mode
  • Duplicate completed shipments with just one click
  • Automatically approve credit card transactions by matching billing addresses and zip codes
  • Securely send credit card information and A/R payments for processing
  • Print shipping documents like Bill of Ladings (BOLs), shipment labels, invoices and more
  • Manage action alert items related to errors, issues, billing adjustments or user tasks
  • Review and edit acccount and shipment details online 24/7